(Edit: I've begun a new Wikia for the namesake and to begin. It will be tinkered with until a consensus has been reached)

Hey, every active user on here.

I'd like to propose an idea of moving the Ro-Ghoul wikia to a more active panel. I know the Admins may be busy and I may seem rather impatient, but I'd like to be able to protect pages and really make the Wikia *pop*.

Moving the Wikia to a more active panel will allow these listed items to happen:
*An active Administrator team
*Protected pages to prevent vandalism
*Creating a user-friendly interface
*Constant updates from dedicated users
*Punishment of misbehaving users
*Clean and decorated Infoboxes
*Better looking theme
*And potentially more...

I just wanted to ask. It'd be nice to transfer and be able to make a new Wikia for those reasons listed above. By no means do I want to abandon the users/admins here. It'll just be nice to start clean and fresh again and work our way back up. Information from this Wikia could easily be transfered.