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The 13's Jason or so called Juuzou's Jason is a rinkaku type quinque made out of the kakuhou of Yakumo Oomori or Yamori. It has the shape of an L before making a very sharp tip at the end.

Moves Edit

Click Edit

  • the click is a slash with a very small cooldown much like the other quinques.

E Edit

  • The player quickly twirl the scythe in a figure of eight motion before swinging the scythe behind the player's head, dealing damage to anyone caught in the blade.

R Edit

  • The player positions the scythe behind the themselves for a split second before dashing forward and swinging the scythe, in a large arc, from behind the player to the front in an anti-clockwise motion. The skill's range is approximately a third of a common building.

F Edit

  • The player dashes forward, spinning twice and dealing damage all around the scythe's reach. The skill's range is approximately a three quarters of a common building.

C Edit

  • I

Stratagies Edit

Playing with 13's Jason Edit

  • The scythe can easily close the gap between two players with the F skill, placing a lot of points in the Speed stat, it can help chase down players who run away or who keep a distance from you.
  • The scythe can attack with very large arcs which can hit multiple players at once, which helps when you are getting ganged on. Just make sure you ally your teammate or they can get caught in the attack as well.

Playing against 13's Jason Edit

  • Since player with the scythe can close gaps fast, a heavy hit and run approach would be helpful. Using dash attack skill will make it helpful to land hits
  • Utilize dodges and dash skills to avoid getting hit with the large attacks as it can help from getting hit as most players place the points in the Quinque/Kagune stat to maximise damage so getting hit by a E or F skill can be fatal since it can attack a player more than once.
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