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Arata is the armor CCG players can put on by pressing 0. When the Arata is equipped, the Player's health starts going down and continues to go down until Arata is unequipped by pressing 0 again. The player's Arata can be upgraded or advanced by interacting with the person standing next to the Quinque Options container. It makes the player deal stronger damage and higher defense, plus, it goes up every time you upgrade your Arata.

Tips and Tricks: After equipping Arata,you should better rush your enemy. a.k.a try not to dash back and go towards without stopping,it doesn't mean you don't have to dodge.However if you do the Strategy stuff and dash back and waiting for enemy first to attack,you will waste your time and your Arata will consume big Amount of your Health.

Name Current Upgrade Level Increases Damage Delt Reduces Damage Taken Price (For next upgrade) Image
Proto-Arata A 1 1.25% 3.75% 250,000 YEN

75,000 RC

Proto-Arata A 2 2.5% 7.5% 250,000 YEN

75,000 RC

Proto-Arata B

Arata A

3 3.75% 11.25% 125,000 YEN

50,000 RC

Proto Arata C
Proto-Arata A 4 5% 15% 250,000 YEN

400,000 RC

Proto-Arata D
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