• BlubberyPapyrus

    • Сегодня наша игра преобрела новый вид. Масок и чего-то другого она не получила, но это новое обновление добавило нам в игру очень красивый асфальт. (А если правельно, то обновление текстур альфальта) Больше нечего такого занимательного игра не приобрела, не каких кодов или чего то другого она не получила. :D 
    • Today our game has acquired a new look. Masks and something else she did not get, but this new update added to our game a very beautiful asphalt. (And if it's correct, then updating the texture of the alfalta) There is nothing more interesting to play the game, not what codes or what else she did not get. : D
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  • Ox Rookbane


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  • EvanRD

    Hello, I am EvanRD. I have been on this wiki since June 6th but only started editing since June 10th. I request to become an admin as I feel as some pages are outdated and protected. Some pages are in need to be protected, some needs to be deleted, and I am currently active here.

    Outdated pages are usually no problem, but some pages that are outdated are protected from any user edits. These pages that are locked can be seen in the Template:Navbox template box, which I configured to be tailored towards this wiki.

    Some pages are in need to be protected, there is only one that comes to mind. The page where the Codes for Ro-Ghoul are put on, as every day there is at least 1 vandalization upon that page. This page is in desperate need of being pr…

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  • Mattcre


    May 31, 2018 by Mattcre

    A Kagune is a Ghoul's primary organ, and is the Kagune that the Ghoul uses to hunt and feed. It also contains RC Cells, which are used to unlock Stages of the Player's Kagune.

    When a Player first joins the Game, he can press 1 to activate his randomly chosen Kagune. He then can use his special moves, which normally come in a order like this:

    E = Attack Motion

    R = 2nd Attack Motion

    F = Mobilty Attack




    More will be added.

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