Clipped WingEdit

Clipped Wing is an Ukaku Kagune, supposedly made from Touka Kirishima's kakuhou. It can be seen as one of the starter quinques available in Ro-Ghoul.


  • This quinque is seen on Rank 2 Investigators.
  • The quinque is based on Touka Kirishima's ukaku kagune, and therefore not canon.


There are 2 stages to Clipped Wing.

Stage 1Edit

  • Click: Slap attack with your quinque
  • R: A short-ranged lunge
  • F:Dashes forward in a good range.
  • C: Crystallize your quinque

Stage 2Edit

  • Click: Shoots crystals in a short distance
  • E: Shoots a barrage of crystals in a good distance
  • C: Uncrystallize your quinque
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