Clipped WingEdit

Clipped Wing is an ukaku-type quinque and the counterpart quinque to the Ukaku kagune. It is one of the starter quinques available in Ro-Ghoul.

Stages/Modes Edit

There is one stage to Clipped Wing and two modes.

Normal Mode

The default stage to Clipped Wing. It takes the form of a handle with a circular guard, and when activated, forms a small mass of crystals in the center of the handle. Surrounding these crystals is a fog, similar to the Ukaku kagune uncrystallized.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

  • Click: You smack your opponent with your quinque, dealing damage.
  • R: A short-ranged lunge that deals damage if it hits and knocks back opponents somewhat.
  • F: Dashes forward, dealing damage if you hit something. This attack has a good range.
  • C: Crystallize your quinque, switching modes.

Crystal ModeEdit

The mode switched to when C is pressed. Just like the Ukaku kagune, when crystallized the quinque becomes a jagged mass of spikes.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

  • Click: Shoots crystals in a short area.
  • E: Shoots a barrage of crystals in a medium-sized area.
  • C: Uncrystallize your quinque.

Trivia Edit

  • This quinque is seen on Rank 2 Investigators.
  • The quinque is based on Touka Kirishima's ukaku kagune, and is an OC quinque/not canon.

Stats Edit

Speed: 2/5

Damage: 2/5

Self-protection: 1/5

Range: 1/5

Second mode stats Edit

  • Speed: 1/5

Damage: 1/5

Self-protection: 3/5

Range: 2/5

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