Demon Yamada Edit

Demon Yamada 1 is a bikaku-type quinque made from the kakuhou of Demon Yamada, known as the Investigator Killer. The kakuhou it was made from is a bikaku. In Tokyo Ghoul, this quinque is used by Yukinori Shinohara, Juuzou Suzuya's mentor.

This quinque is just like Juuzou's scythe, but cheaper. If you can't afford 13's Jason, this quinque is a good alternative. Because of the short range of the blade, Noro, Ken, Eto, and Nishiki can beat it if they have good stats.

Stages/Modes Edit

Demon Yamada only has one stage and no mode switches, as it never received an upgrade in the manga and anime.

Stage 1 Edit

Demon Yamada takes the form of a large one-handed cleaver with a light-colored edge, with spiked edges pushing from the darker parts of the blade into the edge. There are "fractures" of sorts all throughout the blade.

It has a overpowered hitbox, so you will hit most abilities.

Moves Edit

-Click: Fast chop with a slight delay (beginning and end). It glows whenever the click ability is used.

-E: Lunge forward. Does slightly more than than clicking.

-R: Lunge and chop forward. Does more damage than clicking.

-F: Spin and chop with the blade. This is the same as Juuzou's F move. It also has a huge hitbox. Does significantly more damage than clicking, E, and R.

Trivia Edit

  • Demon Yamada is nicknamed Deya in Ro-Ghoul.
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