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Doujima is Amon Koutaru's quinque. It was broken during the first fight fight with Ken Kaneki (Stage 1), but was later repaired using the Bin Brothers' kagune, becoming Stage 2 of Doujima. The upgraded version of Doujima would be destroyed by Kaneki again.

In Ro-Ghoul, Doujima is slow and heavy, but a destructive weapon used for bludgeoning. The ability cooldowns are somewhat lengthy and can be troublesome during long fights.

Stages Edit

Doujima has both stages added into the game.

Stage 1 Edit

Stage 2 Edit

Doujima's Stage 2 changes the shape of the quinque, taking the form of a spear with a conical lance-like head. Doujima's Stage 2 is very versatile and allows for quick movement and engagements. Be mindful that you may blow past your target with your specials.

Stage 2 costs 1,000,000 (one million) RC Cells to activate.

Moves Edit
  • -Click: Perform a quick slice with the back of Doujima 2 or a smack with the conical head of Doujima 2 (Faster cooldown than Doujima 1)
  • E: Rush forward and do a spin, slicing anything in your path.
  • R: Leap forward and bring a slash down on whatever is in front of you.
  • F: Rush forward and perform 2 quick slashes before finishing with a final thrust.

Gallery Edit

Doujima Click

Click (Stage1)

Doujima E

E (Stage1)

Doujima F

F (Stage1)

Doujima R

R (Stage1)

Doujima 2 Click

Click (Stage 2)

Doujima 2 E

E (Stage 2)

Doujima 2 R

R (Stage 2)

Doujima 2 F

F (Stage 2)

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