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Doujima Edit

Doujima is Amon Koutaru's quinque, was broken in a fight with Ken Kaneki, the one we call stage 1, but was later repaired using the bin brothers kakuhou (I think), and that's what we will call stage two.

Stages Edit

Doujima currently has one stage and the second is going to be realesed soon.

Stage 1 Edit

It is a large quinque that is weilded with two hands. You can see how it looks in the picture next to this.

Moves Edit

-Click: You swing the large weapon infront of yourself, having quite some range, due to it's large size.

-E: Dash skill. If someone gets hit, they'll get pushed.

-R: Hits the person upwards and the person gets flinged

-F: Smashes the floor and the floor cries.

Stage 2 Edit

  • -Click: Gives a Quick Slice with the Doujima Stage 2
    Doujima Stage 2-0

-E: Quick Forward boost with alot of slices

-R: Advanced dash skill with a acrobatic jump and multiple slices

-F: Too much acrobatics for me to say, dashes, jumps and hits.

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