Doujima Edit

Doujima is Amon Koutaru's quinque, apparently one of two. It was broken during his first fight fight with Ken Kaneki, but was later repaired using the Bin Brothers' kagune. The upgraded version of Doujima would be destroyed by Kaneki again. It is a koukaku-type quinque, requiring two hands to use.

Doujima is slow and heavy, but a destructive weapon used for bludgeoning. The ability cooldowns are somewhat lengthy and can be troublesome during long fights.

Stages/Modes Edit

Doujima has two stages and no mode switches.

Stage 1 Edit

Doujima Stage 1 takes the form of a large cylindrical club divided into three parts, with a long handle.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: Perform a quick swing with Doujima Stage 1, dealing damage and some knockback.

-E: Perform a quick swipe forwards and back with Doujima Stage 1, dashing forwards slightly. This move has some slight knockback.

-F: Jump upwards, slamming Doujima Stage 1 onto the ground in front of you. There is a slight AOE damage from the shockwave produced.

-R: Perform a wide swing upwards, dealing damage and a lot of knockback.


Stage 2 Edit

Doujima's Stage 2 changes the shape of the quinque, taking the form of a spear with a conical lance-like head and three extended segments, a smaller blade at the end of the spear, and a large blade running parallel against the edge. Doujima's Stage 2 is very versatile and allows for quick movement and engagements. Be mindful that you may blow past your target with your specials.

Requirements: 1,000,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: Perform a quick slice with the back of Doujima Stage 2 or a smack with the conical head of Doujima Stage 2. This attack has a faster cooldown than the click attack of Doujima Stage 1.

-E: Rush forward and perform a wide slash.

-R: Leap forward and bring a slash down on whatever is in front of you.

-F: Rush forward and perform two quick slashes before finishing with a final thrust.

Trivia Edit

  • Doujima is one of the heaviest quinques theres - hence the mobility.
  • Doujima's Stage 2 is a result of Doujima being destroyed during a clash with Kaneki at the sewers.
  • Doujima2 was also destroyed by Kaneki during the Owl Extermination Operation.
  • After Amon's "Death", he wield Doujima's "Pole" as a weapon and held the name "Giant".

Stats Edit

Speed: 2/5

Damage: 5/5

Self-protection: 2/5

Range: 2/5

Second stage stats Edit

    • Speed: 4/5

Damage: 4/5

Self-protection: 4/5

Range: 5/5

Gallery Edit

Doujima Click

Click (Stage1)

Doujima E

E (Stage1)

Doujima F

F (Stage1)

Doujima R

R (Stage1)

Doujima 2 Click

Click (Stage 2)

Doujima 2 E

E (Stage 2)

Doujima 2 R

R (Stage 2)

Doujima 2 F

F (Stage 2)

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