Update 10/1/18Edit

  • NEW MASKS!!! Unchained, Iron dragon, One eyed king.. (One eyed king mask uses the secondary color of your kagune/quinque)
  • Fixed the lag for the projectile of "SSS Owl" and "Narukami"

Update 9/29/18Edit

  • NEW MAP!! It's kind of laggy.

Update 9/3/18Edit

  • New feature!! Saying "/e sit" in game while nearby a chair will sit you down on the chair. This feature is still in a testing stage. Still in alpha.

Update 8/15/18Edit

  • NEW KAGUNE STAGE ! Ken Kaneki's kagune, post (after) Kakuja. This new stage is unique to all other stages, try it out. Scoring in at 7.5M RC !

Update 8/10/18 Edit

  • NEW QUINQUE! Triple SSS rated Owl! This quinque is the highest rated quinque, shown in the manga.

Update 8/04/18Edit

  • Made the running animation when walking also be less intense to be more like walking rather than running in slow mo C:

Update 7/31/18Edit

  • Seidou Takizawa, Special3 (F move) redone to minimize lag and show hit indication better.

Update 7/30/18Edit

  • T-Human, Kajiri, YamoK1 and Narukami bug fixes !

Uptade 7/20/18Edit

  • 2 haber kodu ☃☃:! Kod NewMapComingSoon; Kod BlackenHair

Update 7/15/18 Edit

yeni map yeni bölümleer yeni mask lar insanlar sss olması zorlandı

Update 7/7/18Edit

  • New Kagune! ish? I revamped/remade Shuu Tsukiyama's kagune! It's a little more on par with the current stage 1 kagunes (: There'll be more to come!

Update 7/4/18Edit

  • New Quinque! Kura, this quinque can go from a huge broadsword, to 2 fast swords c:
  • A bunch of bug fixes and changes, mostly minuscule so not worth to note.

Update 6/29/18Edit

  • Added a bunch of eye candy basically.
    • Note from Wikia editor: Visual improvements.
  • Changed code behind the dueling arena, no longer able to be glitched unless you do some crazy things. Please don't LOL

Update 6/27/2018Edit

  • NEW KAGUNE! Seidou Takizawa! (He's an ugly character btw.)
  • NEW QUINQUE! Rotten Follow! This thing's a chainsaw. yeah. (bring a hard hat)
  • Fixed particles not appearing on hoovering (Ghoul collection.)
  • WITH THESE 2 NEW WEAPONS! I grant you all a code! Say "!Code Gross+Cheese" in game for 100K RC!
  • Memory leak issue possibly fixed? (Build-up of lag gone???)

Update 6/22/2018Edit

  • Say "!Code HooverGhouls" in the in-game chat for 250K RC! This code was brought to you by the next update listed.
  • Removed/changed ghoul collecting animation due to roblox moderation.

Update 6/21/2018Edit

  • NEW KAGUNE! Yakumo Oomori also known as Yamori or Jason's kagune. This kagune has a second stage of an incomplete kakuja.
  • NEW QUINQUE! T-Human, T-Pose on them. Assert your dominance, really just obliterate them with lasers.

Update 6/16/2018Edit

  • NEW KAGUNE! NORO'S BIKAKU KAGUNE! This kagune restores some of your health when you use your attacks.
  • NEW ARATA ADVANCEMENT! Proto-Arata II, which is featured in the manga!

Update 6/12/2018Edit

  • New masks! Shousei's, Liberty mask (in the purge movie), and Bear Face mask, which is from the catalog.

Update 6/10/2018Edit

  • Made a bunch of blocking animations!
  • NEW KAGUNE STAGE! Hinami Fueguchi now has a stage 2!
  • NEW QUINQUE STAGE! Doujima now has a stage 2!

Update 6/7/2018Edit

  • Thank you for 100K members! Say "!Code 100K!" in the in-game chat to get 100K RC! Thank you!!!
  • Fixed Monster Eto's dashes.
  • Increased the Eto Boss' EXP on hit gain.
  • Added a slight knockback when you block an ability.
  • Updated tasks to apply to the new npcs.

Update 6/6/2018Edit

  • Ally system! Found in the HUD, [A L L I E S] button.
  • Revamped blocking! It now becomes less effective the more hits you take, and there is now indication on how much durability your block has.
  • NEW NPCS!! Mid and High rank Aogiri members, and Rank 1 and First Class investigators.
  • NEW ETO BOSS! Spawns every 20 minutes!
  • Fixed extreme delays with the !GroupMask.
  • Fixed CCG GUI being red.
  • Changed Touka's stage 1 to have a tiny wing on the right side.
  • Spread NPC spawns out more and added more NPC Spawns.

Update 6/2/2018Edit

  • NEW INCOMPLETE KAKUJA STAGE! Ken Kaneki's Dual Centipede Kagune, KenK2!
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