In the world of Ro-ghoul, there are 2 sides; ghoul, and ccg.

Ghouls are cannibalistic humans that feed on humans, and their own kind. In the game you start out with one of the four, koukaku, a hard shell-like blade that wraps your arm, bikaku, a giant buff tail, rinkaku, strong, and fast tails, and ukaku, wings made of shards.

Even though you can be a ghoul, there are npcs that give rc, and yen like ghoul npcs. Killing these npcs will give you these materials to unlock the stages in your kagune, or buy new overpriced ones like Takiwaza. You can also do missions which give you reputation which you can turn in for fast yen( reputation does not reset after redeeming), also you can change your rank from "C" to "S-" by doing missions.

+ Ghouls use stats like everyone else.

+ Ghouls have it harder to train since npc ccgs dont hurt ccgs, yet all npcs besides humans hurt ghouls.

+Ghouls' kagunes have more stages than a ccg's quinque

+Have a different claiming animation since cannibalization wasn't kid friendly.

+There are no good codes anymore, so you need to wait for more to come out sadly ;-;