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  1. the user keeps a reasonable distance considering its mid range capabilities. Each Kagune obtainable in game will have different stages, for Rinkaku there are Five stages: 800 RC
  2. Two Wings - 5000 RC
    Example 2

    Ukaku (clipped wing) 1st stage 2nd mode

    Example 3

    Ukaku 2nd stage 1st mode

    Ukaku Stage 2 Mode 2

    Ukaku 2nd stage 2nd mode

The Ukaku have typically the same move-sets for both stages, but the Two Winged Ukaku tends to cover more radius than the Clipped Wing. Ukaku also have two modes, their crystallized modes allow for strictly mid-range combat while their melee mode allows them to be utilize
Rinkaku Stage 1

2 Etok1 750k RC Stage 3 Etok2(Not implemented) Stage 4(not really stage 4) Etok3 5 million RC

For Koukaku, there is only 1 Stage.

The Koukaku is a Kagune which curls around the user's arm, and points out at the end. 

Koukaku is a defensive kagune. Though it is defensive, a special move can be spammed to cover distance, piercing foward constantly. Able to make up for its low speed.

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