The IXA is Arima's Quinque. It has two modes: Melee Mode and Gimmick Mode. It is a Koukaku Type Quinque.

Skills: Edit

Melee Mode Skills: Edit

Click- A linear stab.

E- Dash fowards whilst slashing and stabbing.

R- Creates a Shield.

F- You jump forward and once you hit the ground, spikes appear around you.

C- Turns to Gimmick Mode.

Gimmick Mode Skills: Edit

Click- Summons a very tall spike on the ground you click on.

E- Mid range blast that creates small spikes which move up and down.

R- The same as the Melee mode R-Skill.

F- Summons a long-ranged spike on where you point your cursor.

C- Turns to Melee mode.

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