Kagunes Edit


[[1]] or Ken Kaneki

Price: 0 R$ or 500k Yen

It has a similar appearance to scaly tentacles and is released at the back of the waist.The first kakuja stage, named KenK1 costs 750k RC. It largely resembles a centipede, and as such, is called Centipede. Its E move is a slam directed straight forward, it's R move is a 360 degree knockback attack, and the F move causes you to jump into the air and slam forwards. The second kakuja stage, named KenK2, costs 5,000,000 RC and it has 6 kakuhou sacs. Your secondary color for your kagune is the centipede color and you have 2 centipedes and 4 normal kagunes. The E move makes you dash forward and claw them. The R move knocks them back. The F move is like the F move for EtoK1. It also gives you a kakuja mask. And text appear on your screen. Here is a picture of how it looks like

[[2]] or Touka Kirishima

Price: 100 R$ or 500k Yen

This kagune covers all ranges, but consists of only two stages. Stage 1 used to be one single wing on the player character's right shoulder, but now also consists of a smaller wing, on the left shoulder, consistent with the Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime. Its E move shoots out ranged projectile crystals, the R move is similar to the R move of the Rinkaku kagune, being a knockback move, and the F move is a lunge move. Stage 2 is largely identical, costing 5,000 RC, with the only difference being it has two fully developed wings, providing for more range.

[[3]] or Nishiki Nishio

Price:100 R$ or 500k Yen

This kagune is close to mid range, having two stages. Stage 1 consists of a tail coming from just above the legs. The E move is a spinning kick move, the R move pulls the target towards the player, and the F move is jumping lunge attack. Stage 2 costs 15,000 RC and is a large, pincer like tail rising above the player. [Insert information about its attacks here]

[[4]] or Shuu Tsukiyama

Price: 100 R$ or 500k Yen

The Koukaku is a Kagune which curls around the user's arm, and points out at the end. 

 Koukaku is a defensive kagune. Though it is defensive, a special move can be spammed to cover distance, piercing foward constantly. Able to make up for its low speed. There is only 1 stage for Koukaku.

[[5]] or Owl

Price: 1000 R$ or 10 million Yen

This is currently one of the best kakujas/kagunes in the game but is is quite expensive, both buying it with yen/Robux and getting the forms with RC cells.

[[6]] or Hinami Fueguchi

Price: 250 R$ or 5 million Yen

Chimera is a mix of Rinkaku and Koukaku, though it's attacks are more similar to Rinkaku. There is 2 stage for Chimera,Hina1 and Hina2,Hina2 cost 500K RC and it's double of powerfull than Hina1. The Chimera kagune happens rarely and when it does there always comes something powerful out of it.

[ 7 ] or Noro/Noroi

Price: 250 R$ or 5 million Yen

Noro's kagune is a bikaku type,its attacks are a little similar to Nishiki's kagune since it is a bikaku type,There is only 1 stage for this kagune (i think sushi's gonna add more stages for this kagune).This kagune also steals hp for every hit the player did.So it is quiet annoying to fight against Noro's users.

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