is a Ukaku type Quinque resembling a drill. It was used by Chuu Hachikawa in both the anime and manga. As said before it is shapped like a drill and wraps around the users arm. Near the shoulder a long protrusion juts out ending at a point. Like the Narukami and T Human this quinque is a ranged Quinque

Kajiri has got only one Stage and no other Modes. Edit

Click-you slash your enemy with the Edge of the Quinque

E-You fire a Stream of Shards,dealing medium damage

R-Fires a Stream of Shards,when they reach longer distance,they Split into Three.

F-Generates a cloud above the Target and then rains a bunch of the Shards

Note Edit

The F move can be used no matter where your character looks,means you can use it even behind yourself.

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