The Koukaku is a defensive kagune. Though it is defensive, a special move can be spammed to cover distance, piercing forward constantly, allowing players to make up for its low speed. 

This kagune was used most notably by Shuu Tsukiyama in Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. 

Stages Edit

There is only 1 stage to Koukaku so far.

Stage 1Edit

The basic koukaku that is currently in-game. It takes a form similar to Tsukiyama's; a helix-shaped body that winds around the arm four times before extending into a knife-shaped blade.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

  • Click - You slash your opponent.
  • E - You dash forward to stab your opponent in a long range.
  • R - You dash forward and slice downwards to slash your opponent. This attack is almost the same as the E move, but with a closer range.
  • F - You lunge forward a distance, upper-cutting at whatever is in the way. If the hit is registered, you will hold your opponent in the air and perform 3 rapid stabs before releasing him/her away from you. If you miss, you will continue to dash forward until the end of the move.

Stats Edit

Speed: 3/5

Damage: 3.5/5

Self-protection: 4/5

Range: 4/5

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