Koukaku (Shuu Tsukiyama)Edit

Koukaku is a defensive kagune. Though it is defensive, a special move can be spammed to cover distance, piercing forward constantly, allowing players to make up for its low speed. 


There is only 1 stage to Koukaku.

Stage 1Edit

The basic koukaku that is currently in-game.

  • Click - You slash your opponent.
  • E - You dash forward to stab your opponent in a long range.
  • R - You dash forward and slice downwards to slash your opponent, this attack is almost the same as the E move but in a closer range.
  • F - You lunge forward a distance, upper-cutting at whatever is in the way. If the hit is registered, you will hold your opponent in the air and perform 3 rapid stabs before releasing him/her away from you. If you miss, you will continue to dash forward until the end of the move.

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