The Narukami is an ukaku-type quinque that is wielded by Kishou Arima. It has 2 modes, normal mode and sword mode. It is currently the second most expensive quinque in Ro-Ghoul.

Skills Edit

Normal modeEdit

  • Click - You shoot a ball of energy from your quinque.
  • E - You shoot a bigger ball of energy from your quinque, dealing more damage.
  • R - You shoot a huge ball of energy from your quinque that tracks your opponent, which makes its evasion next to impossible.
  • F - You dash forward and shoot a ball of energy to the ground from your quinque, dealing a high amount of damage to your enemy.

Sword modeEdit

  • Click - You swing your weapon at the direction you're facing, hitting anyone in a small range.
  • E - You dash four times in the direction you looking at and slash your opponent.
  • R - You shoot three electric balls that spray like a shotgun.
  • F - You do front flips while slashing the opponent at the start and end of the action. This skill deals a lot of damage to your enemy.
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