The Narukami is an Ukaku type quinque. It discharges condensed RC cells just like lightning bolts. Possessing a tracking function, evasion of the bolts is next to impossible. The Narukami has 2 modes: The normal mode (Long ranged) and the sword mode (Close ranged).

Normal modeEdit

Click - You shoot an electric bolt from your quinque.

E - You shoot a bigger electric bolt from your quinque, dealing more damage. It has a charging time while the click skill doesn't have.

R - You shoot a huge electric bolt from your quinque that tracks your opponent, which makes its evasion next to impossible.

F - You dash forward and shoot a huge electric bolt to the ground from your quinque, dealing a high damage at your enemy.

Sword modeEdit

Click - You slash your opponent.

E - You dash forward at your opponent and slash him/her.

R - It is a long range skill. It shoots 3 electric bolts from your quinque while in its sword mode like a shotgun.

F - You dash forward and do front flips to slash your opponent very fast. This skill deals a lot of damage to your enemy.

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