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The Owl Kagune is a relatively offensively-minded kagune, most recognizable for having a full kakuja form and insane damage output. It is extremely expensive, as it costs 10 million yen and requires even more RC cells to get to the third stage. It is generally considered one of the best kagunes/kakujas in the game, whether for PVP or for farming. It is named after and based on Eto Yoshimura's kagune/kakuja from Tokyo Ghoul.

Stages: Edit

Stage 1 - Eto1 Edit

This stage is usable once you purchase it from the Viagra Surgeon. It consists of a clipped wing on the right shoulder, capable of crystallizing , and another blade on the left shoulder. Due to its rather small hitbox, it isn't viable in PVP. This stage is mostly used for cumming in a lil puss.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You use the blade and slash in front of you, dealing damage to a small area in front of you.

-E: You crystallize your wing and send several bursts of crystals at your enemy. It is quite hard to aim since it only shoots shards from your left shoulder, so it requires good aiming skills.

-R: You dash forward while holding your blade in front of you, dealing damage to all targets in your way. This is one of the moves that can help you in PVP if you're using Stage 1.

-F: You jump up in the air and dash forward, damaging all targets in the way and in the area where you land. You also create a small shockwave which can damage the players around you.

Stage 2 - EtoK1 Edit

In this first kakuja stage, you become taller, kagune tendrils wrap around your torso, grow from a concentration of spikes on your shoulders, one on either side, and it gives you a mask covering half of your face. Unlike the other kakuja forms, EtoK1 does not shake your screen or produce words on your screen.

This stage is quite good in PVP as it has a very large hit-box, fast-moving projectiles and high damage.

Requirements: 750,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You use the blades on your shoulders to slash enemies, alternating between the left and right blade.This is good at short range, and has a large hitbox due to the size of the blades. In PVP this can stress your enemy and deal good damage.

-E: You spin around and shoot a burst of crystals propelled in a cone area, dealing massive damage if you are close and dealing less damage the further away your target is.You can use this move to further sustain your damage when the target is far away, but it is also viable to use this move as a shotgun to deal bursts of damage to the opponent.

-R: You dash forward and smash your blades together, damaging any enemies in an area in front of you, like you are causing a shockwave. It can be used to stress enemies and cause major damage. It is also very good to interrupt dodgers if you know how to aim.

-F: You stand stationary on the ground for about 0.2 seconds, then abruptly dash in for a spinning charge with your blades. This ability has a huge hitbox, and is very good for damaging people whether they run in close or stay at a distance. It is very hard to dodge and has a large area, and is considered the most powerful move of EtoK1.

EtoK2 was skipped - waiting for further announcements. Edit

When EtoK2 Is Released, EtoK3 Will Have A Higher RC Cell Requirement.

Stage 3 - EtoK3, aka "One Eyed Owl" Edit

This stage is the final form of Eto's kagune/kakuja. You transform into a massive monster with the unique One-Eyed Owl kakuja mask and four massive blades, two on each side. You also have a large group of spikes on your back. You appear to be in some form of cloak, with massive limbs.

It is very good for PVP; it has huge hitboxes on its moves and high damage output. However, it also makes you a larger target as your size increases drastically.

Requirements: 5,000,000 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: You slash with one of the side blades at the time, dealing damage. It is rather easy to land a hit with this move as it has a very large hitbox.

-E: You duck down and throw out several bursts of ukaku shards, capable of dealing insane amounts of damage when up close and less damage at a distance if all of them hit. It is very good at dealing damage even when the opponent is at a distance. This can also prevent enemies from healing while dodging.

-R: You dash forward as you slash with your blades, first on your left side and then your right side. This move is capable of dealing good damage to unsuspecting enemies, and can also be used as a short-distance dodge.

-F: You jump in the air and then smash damaging enemies in an area where you land. This one deals massive damage if you land it, but since it is rather slow, it's quite hard to hit. It takes a while to practice it and get used to the distance you jump so you know where you will land, but once mastered, this can be the most powerful skill of the EtoK3.

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