Why!? JUST WHY!?

Ok, Why in the world is resetting the game a good idea!? RESETTING PLAYER'S DATA IS NOT A THING IN VIDEO GAMES

Ok, let's list the cons of Resetting and the pros.

Cons: People losing SO MUCH PROGRESS, people's robux being WASTED, people probably QUITTING THE GAME, AND SO MUCH MORE OMG JUST WHY

Pros: More VIP servers?????

This idea is stupid and barely anyone would benefit from this.

If the developers need to reset data for a HUGE update, I would understand.

But I see NO OBSTACLE of updating without resetting.

All this update will do is make people quit and rage.

At least give the alpha players exclusive codes for levels and RC or something.

And I hear that there will be ANOTHER reset at the end of beta.

Is the developers TRYING to make people quit???