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This is an unofficial wiki for "RO Ghoul". The main purpose of this wiki is to serve as support/a source of knowledge for beginners or just curious players (Also to help with FAQ).

"RO Ghoul" is a brand new ROBLOX game made by SushiWalrus, currently in heavy development, which offers you to experience the path of a CCG Investigator or Ghoul. Down either road you can pick up tasks, upgrade your character and expand/enhance your arsenal.



Please be aware that we do not own any contents of the game, all aspects of RO Ghoul belong to their respected owners. Also, this Wiki is in heavy development, but please be sure to know our team is working on new and old pages daily (please be patient). Another concern is that some pages may become outdated due to the game being in a beta stage, meaning it could change and some areas of our information may no longer be valid.

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