Ranks are used by the CCG to help and identify ghouls. In the game as of right now, you can only rank up by completing tasks. Here is how the ranking system works.


C-Rated: 0 Reptutation

B-Rated: 25k Reputation

A-Rated: 50k Reputation

S- -Rated: 100k Reputation

S+-Rated: 250k Reputation

SS-Rated: 750k Reputation

SSS-Rated: 1M Reputation


Rank 3 Investigator: 0 Reputation

Rank 2 Investigator: 25k Reputation

Rank 1 Investigator: 50k Reputation

First Class Investigator: 100k Reputation

Asc. Special Class Investigator: 250k Reputation

Special Class Investigator: 750k Reputation

Reputation can only be earned by completing tasks. They can be gotten at the Ghoul Cafe as a Ghoul, or at CCG headquarters as CCG.

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