Rinkaku Edit

Rinkaku is strictly for close range combat, doing high damage close to the enemy. There are 4 stages for Rinkaku, the last stage being Centipede Kakuja.

Stages Edit

Stage 1 Ken1 Edit


You have one tentacle from your back, being one of the eariler stages of rinkaku but is still probably one of the best stages for rinkaku to use in pvp before you get centipede.

Moves Edit

-Click: You use your kagune to stab the target infront of you, first using it to stab over the right shoulder then the left then right etc. It is pretty bad in pvp as it has a small hitbox.

-E: You repetedly stab with your kagune over your left shoulder then you right shoulder etc, really quickly causing a good amount of damage if you can hit all of the attacks. Each attack deals less damage then the click but all of them toghether can be quite destructive. Pretty usless in pvp as most people will be far away from you once you hit them a couple times.

-R: You use you use your kagune and swipe it infront of you causing damage thats higher then the click attack and it has some knockback. It is pretty useless in pvp as it is hard landing. If you hit it however it can mean the difference between death and life.

-F: You dash forward while spinning dealing damage to all targets around you in a small radius. This is the reason this one is PROBABLY the best one before centipede for pvp, in my opinion, as Ken2 and Ken3 doesnt have a dash forward that can be used to damage people abit away.

Stage 2 Ken2 Edit

You summon two tentacles from your back, one over each of you shoulders.

Requirements: 2500 RC Cells.

Moves Edit

-Click: Its the same as Ken1 except that it has a different animation.

-E: Its the same as Ken1 except that it has a different animation.

-R: Its the same as Ken1 except that it has a different animation.

-F: You jump up in the air and do a flip as you spin your kagune around, creating a shockwave that damages enemies. This isnt, in my opinion, as good as a dash but we all think diffrently. This is why I think Ken1 was better. During that time I think many people agreed with me as most people use Ken1 for pvp and Ken3 for farming as it has a very cool animation.

Stage 3 Ken3 Edit

You summon four tentacles, one over each shoulder and one next to each leg. It has the same attacks as


Ken2 but with slightly diffrent animations.

Requirements: 7500 RC Cells.

-Click: Its the same as Ken2 except that it has a different animation.

-E: Its the same as Ken2 except that it has a different animation.

-R: Its the same as Ken2 except that it has a different animation.

-F: Its the same as Ken2 except that it has a different animation.

Stage 4 KenK1 Edit


The first Rinkaku Kakuja stage. You summon one huge centipede from your lower back area, and your stance and moving animation changes.

Requirements: 750000 (750K) RC Cells.

Moves Edit

The cooldowns get longer and longer the longer you have it active.

-Click: You swing the centipede tail first one the right side then on the left side. It has a large hitbox and deals a lot of damage.

-E: You smash the kagune in front of you, dealing high damage. It's got a high hitbox.

-R: You coil the kagune, then uncoil it, hitting nearby players or NPCs, making good damage and throwing them really far away.

-F: You jump in the air and dash forwards while slamming your tail into the ground, similar to the E move. It deals massive damage and has a large hitbox.

Stage 5 KenK2 Edit

The second stage of the Kakuja. It's got two smaller centipede kagunes (As the first stage one) and the four stage 3


tentacles, with those centipedes between them.

Requirements: 5000000 (5M) RC Cells.

-Click: Your left/right Kakuja is hitting very fast. Thats realoads really fast so when you needed to fight your had a good speed of click attack.

-E: Your Kakuhous Going infront of player and dashes at front.

-R: Player spin and throws away Nearby player/npc. (Note: This can glitch so hard what user/npc what you throw can fly very far away)

-F: You Jump In The Air. You start spining when in the air and Slamming by your kakuhous the ground

Rinkaku stages (Up to Kakuja stage 1)

Rinkaku stages (Up to Kakuja stage 1)

(A little video i made to show the different stages up to Kakuja stage 1. )

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