Rotten FollowEdit

Rotton Follow is a rinkaku-type quinque. In Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re, it is used by Shiki Kijima (and later Furuta).

Stages/Modes Edit

There is only 1 stage to Rotten Follow, and it has no modes.

Stage 1 Edit

The default stage/mode. Rotten Follow resembles a chainsaw, with exaggerated spiky teeth. It is powered by a Kakugan, which is located within the chainsaw.

Requirements: 0 RC Cells.

Moves Edit
  • Click - You hold click to slash with the chainsaw. This attack has no limits.
  • E - You create a shock wave around you, pulling them in front of you, and then pushing them back after damaging them.
  • R - You jump, spin around yourself, and dash forward to slash, catch, then stab your enemy with your quinque, holding them in the air and then slamming them onto the ground.
  • F - You catch and stab your enemy with your quinque, holding them in the air and then throwing them away. A very close-range attack, but can also be used as a dash that covers a lot of area.

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • Keep in mind that albeit the hit box is inconsistent, it is better to take your time and strike with precision with this weapon while pairing it with other attacks. Example being after using F to grab your enemy, immediately use E to grab the enemy again, deal damage and deal a finishing blow with R, while also making a distance with your enemy,
  • Rotten Follow is one of the few quinques that can pair with an opponent stronger than you due to F and E disarming your enemies, resulting in them being unable to use any attacks. Use that to your advantage.
  • It is not encouraged to spam down your primary attack, but under situational circumstances, it's pretty effective for dealing steady amount of damage.
  • Train your flexes, as grabbing split second opportunities to use Z or V is crucial.
  • Don't rely on R - You become more predictable that way.

Trivia Edit

  • This quinque is considered the weakest quinque by many ghoul players; however, it is the second best quinque in terms of melee ranges.
  • Ironically, this quinque killed it's wielder - Kijima in the series.

Stats Edit

Speed: 5/5

Damage: 1/5

Self-protection: 2/5

Range: 3/5

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