One of three expensive Quinque's in the game as of now. The T-Human was used in the Manga/Anime by Hairu Ihei and resembles a flower with three thin petals. T-Human is an Ukaku Quinque that shoots out condensed Rc cells to attack foes. It is shaped almost like a flower, but within the central part of the weapon is a small blade for melee attacks. This Quinque can be used for medium ranged to up close combat, however it is best used at a range. T-Human is a Quinque that relies on being able to hit your target from a distance while also punishing them for wandering to close.

This Quinque can be easy to fight or a deadly adversary depending on the skill of the wielder. As of now, the T-Human is one of the few weapons in the game that shoots electric based attacks. It is fairly easy to dodge the attacks of this Quinque if the target has high speed and physical or the occasional Narukami. Despite this, it is still a threat to most ghouls or CCG that attempt to attack it at ranged or up close. It is also considered one of the top five most dangerous Quinque's in the CCG.

Tips and Tricks Edit

1: The strength of this Quinque lies within it's ranged attacks. Using the bullet and beam is a prime combo to fight foes with.

2: Up close combat is a method of this weapon but ranged is where it shines the most. To balance the melee combat team up with someone who can melee for you.


Countering the T-Human is rather easy. lukasmys is leader

that is able to close the distance that the T-Human made and devastate them. The Noro is also another option to fight this Quinque as the burrowing attack can hit the user as they beam or use the explosion.

So unless you have the items listed above, your best bet is to attack as the T-Human attacks or close the distance and try and do damage that way.

Moves Edit

Clic: Este es tu ataque cuerpo a cuerpo. El enfriamiento de este ataque es corto, lo que permite ataques repetidos con este movimiento. Aunque la hoja puede parecer larga, su rango es el de una espada corta .

E: Using this attack will shoot out a medium sized sphere that moves at a rapid speed dealing medium damage upon hitting the target. This attack is easy to dodge so aim wisely.

R: The attack of this button is an AOE blast that can devastate the battle field and foes caught in it. It's damage varies the closer you are to the weapons initial blast. So the closer your target is the more damage you can deal with this attack.

F: The crowning attack of this Quinque. Shoots a long-ranged laser that deals high damage. This move has a charging time upon use and locks you in place during it. If it lands successfully then the damage dealt upon hit is high. But if you miss, do suspect to be attacked from being locked down.

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