Tasks are given to the player by talking to an NPC and clicking "Complete/Recieve task."


In order to complete a task, you must first acquire one from either the NPC within the Café (if you are a ghoul) or in the CCG Headquarters (if you are CCG). Upon completing a task the player is rewarded with 'Reputation' (REP). The player will get a reduction of the reward if they kill Civilians (Humans and Athletes NPCs).

The tasks given are given with randomized amount of Aogiri Members to kill, Civilians to avoid killing and the amount of REP reward for completing the task.

Task progress does not save between servers, leaving removes the current task.

Cash Out Reputation Edit

The player can click 'CASH OUT REPUTATION' to get YEN every 2 hours from their Reputation number. The player does not lose Reputation by clicking this button, and it is recommended to use this feature as often as the player can.

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