Ukaku Edit

One of the three starter kagunes, Ukaku is for close to mid range combat, with an ability to shoot crystallized shards which can attack enemies from a distance. It can also be used in close range combat with its other moves too. Ukaku is a hit and run type of attack class as its attacks are for running and hitting.

Touka Kirishima is one of the most notable ghouls that possess a ukaku kagune. It can be crystallized and de-crystallized upon her will.

Stages Edit

The ukaku has two stages, both being very similar to each other. It is easier to aim with stage 2 as it shoots from the left and right shoulder while using E or clicks while having crystallized wings.

Stage 1 Edit

You grow a wing from your right shoulder that is capable of crystallizing and shooting shards or uncrystallizing and using melee attacks.

Moves Edit

-Click: You attack with your wing if it is uncrystallized, but if it is crystallized you shoot shards, dealing very little damage. It deals so little damage the uncrystallized is the only thing that can deal something that cant be healed within seconds and even that deal very little damage compared to other kagunes.

-E: You crystalize your wing and shoot several bursts of shards.

-R: You use your kagune and swipe it infront of you causing damage that is higher than the click attack and it has some knockback.

-F: You dash forward damaging targets in front of you. It is pretty much a weaker version of Ken1's F

-C: You crystallize/uncrystallize you wing

Stage 2 Edit

It is similar to stage 1 but instead of only 1 wing, it has 2 wings.

-Click: Like stage 1 but using the left wing, then the right wing while melee attacking and shards coming from both wings instead of one.

-E: Like stage 1 but using both wings and is easier to aim.

-R: Like stage 1 but with a different animation.

-F: Same as stage 1 but slightly different animation.

-C: Same as stage 1 but both wings.