Ukaku Edit

One of the three starter kagunes. Ukaku is for close to mid range combat, with a ability to shoot it's crystallized feathers which can attack enemies from a distance. It can also be used in close range combat with its other moves too. Ukaku is a hit and run type of attack class as its attacksare for running ad hitting. Making use of your Durability and Kagune can make this a mighty foe to face as it can fly away with its lunge. It was nerfed awhile back and since it is rather weak compared to kakuja, it is currently pretty usless. It probably wont get more stages as Touka doesnt really hae more we can call stages in canon. If you want a kagune with a ranged alternative, I recommend Etos kagune (OWL),

Tips and tricks Edit

1: As soon as you leave the safe zone of your spawn activate this kagune as if you are attacked first unless you have a strong durability you will probably die.

2: Make use of your lunge attack, it is there for a reason! using it to get away from combat will be considered a coward but its worth the shame then the defeat.

3: Don't, I repeat don't go around rking, if you attempt to rk a high enough level your life is over. From experience as a past rker they will hunt you down unless you switch servers or apologize then leave the game.

4: Join The Crown! its one of the most active communities of ro-ghoul. if you are harassed ask a higher u member to help you as they will probably listen.

5: N/A

Stages Edit

The ukaku has two stages, both being very similar to eachother. It is easier to aim with stage 2 as it shoots from left and right shoulder while using E or click with crystalized wings.

Stage 1 Edit

You grow a wing from your right shoulder that is capable of crystalizing and shooting shards or uncrystalize and use melee attacks.

Moves Edit

-Click: You attack with your wing if it is uncrystalized, but if it is crystalized you shoot shards, dealing very little damage. It deals so little damage the uncrystalized is the only thing that can deal something that cant be healed within seconds and even that deal very little damage compared to other kagunes.

-E: You crystalize your wing and shoot several bursts of shards, and it used to deal very high damage, but since it got nerfed it is much weaker now. As I said before, if you have it and want a ranged alternative while fighting, use Etos kagune.

-R: I can remember please fix this if you know, but it is probably pretty bad since this kagune got a huge nerf.

-F: You dash forward damaging targets infront of you. It is pretty much a weaker version of Ken1's F

-C: You crystalize/uncrystalize you wing

Stage 2 Edit

It look like stage 1 but with two wings.

-Click: Like stage 1 but using left wing then right wing while melee attacking and shards coming from both wings instead of one.

-E: Like stage 1 but using both wings and is easier to aim.

-R: Still can remember

-F: Same as stage 1 but slightly diffrent animation.

-C: Same as stage 1 but both wings.

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