Notice: This page contains and talks about unreleased contents, so unless you want to get spoiled about the game, better look at another page.

Unreleased contents Edit

This page shows you unreleased Ro-Ghoul Contents that will be added in the game. It will also change all the time with updates being announced by creators and rumors told by Ro-Ghoul fans.

Unreleased Ro-Ghoul contents that will MAYBE be added: Edit

EtoK2 Edit

EtoK2 has been skipped for Eto's kagune in the game. It will probably be added, giving more RC price to EtoK3. The release date is unknown and any infos were given (The creator didn't even start working on it).

Noro Stage 2 Edit

Another rumors of Ro-Ghoul fans says that a second stage for Noro's kagune will be added. Some says that more lamprey shaped kakuhous (2 or 3) will be added, some says that 2 bikaku kakuhous will be added. It is still unknown if It will be added or a kakuja will be added instead.

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